Dissertation Topics Related To Heart Failure: 15 Great Ideas

Heart failure is one of the leading causes of death globally. From medical schools to universities to hospitals, it is no surprise that this forms the core of many dissertation topics. The following are 15 great ideas on this issue:

  1. Cardiac disease in veterans: This disease is often seen in the older citizens of many nations across the globe. A research into this relationship will surely go a long way in shedding more light on the issue.
  2. What is the connection between economics and cardiac failure: Why is it that there is more information on this disease in the most advanced nations of the world? Exploring the causal relations underlying this will be very interesting.
  3. The cost of heart failure: Nations spend billions of dollars annually on cardiac health care but what is the true cost of this phenomenon?
  4. The history of the disease: Cardiac issues have been with humanity for thousands of years but exactly how it has evolved over time and the response to it is an intriguing part of science.
  5. Medical treatments available for the disease: What has medicine been able to offer so far as far caring for the pumping organ is concerned? There are several treatments available and studying each one of them is going to be more than exciting.
  6. Surgical options available: Surgery offers a lot of hope for the sufferers, and there is a constant study of the latest advances in the surgical world.
  7. What is the future of cardiac medicine: Is it going to get better or worse? This is worth researching into.
  8. Affordability of cardiac health care: This is particularly true of developing nations of the globe where economic conditions are dire.
  9. Risk factors causing cardiac diseases
  10. Cardiac diseases in infants
  11. Global prevalence of cardiac diseases
  12. Science, technology and cardiac medicine
  13. Implications of poor cardiac health care
  14. Lifestyle and medicine
  15. Alternative medicine and cardiac care: Various practitioners of all types of alternative medicine claim to be able to cure these ailments. These are claims that are worthy of deeper introspection.

The topic ideas outlined above are ideas that can provide a fertile ground for anyone studying in this field. These are by no means exhaustive, but surely, they will be more than helpful to a student ready and willing to learn.