Tips And Tricks For Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

A literature review must not be a simple summary describing contribution of different researchers without analysis. Your review must hold a lens to do the right contrast and comparison to identify the gap of study, different pitfalls in doing experiments and the relation with previous experiments. Find assistance from trustworthy experts to write the literature review completely in this connection.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t do simple content generalization
  • Highlight main points
  • No hyperbolic expletives
  • Focus on relevant points for writing literature review

Avoid Content Generalization- Concentrate on Main Points

Many novice reviewers write the general content in this review section. They point out quoted lines of different authors and then conclude the review by expressing their own views. It is not the proper content formatting. The literature review emphasizes the significance of gathering different sources and reference links to process the content. A writer has to use his analytical mastery to evaluate researches done by others. It must be a critical debate with lot of arguments to evaluate objectives and futuristic vision of these eminent researchers. So there must be ‘good comparison study to inspire readers to search for more reliable information by going through these reference books.

Do Proper Contrast and Comparison

The literature review is the perfect roadmap to help readers finding the uninterrupted link between your experiments and researches done by different scholars to discover innovative theories. At the same time, in this literature review, define many theories giving different examples. What is the purpose of doing such a vast research? What is the ultimate result? Where are the lacunae in the on-going findings? These questions must have good answers for readers. They will be satisfied to have the authentic answers and tips by reading the literature review. Explain where other authors are disagreed. Mention quoted lines to highlight the controversial areas. While going for comparison and contrast, don’t act as a sycophant. You must value what other authors argue. It is your logistic aptitude with good analytical expertise to do the accurate analysis depending on the availability of information and data. You must not have venom to injure someone’s religious sentiments. You must argue by providing lot of reliable facts and evidence. Readers will cross check your information to grade your content. As a literature review writer, you should prioritize the viewpoints of opponents. Rubbish and blasphemy content weaken the structure of the literature review. Therefore, instead of making simple description, you must have a solid objective to elaborate the review section by introducing only relevant information, and points adopted from the books written by other writers.

Finally, you must use formal literature review writing style without choosing colloquial terms. The content you write must not have hackneyed connotations, terms and hyperboles to make the piece of review dull with lack of vividness.