Ideas For Writing: Top 12 Offbeat Dissertation Topics On Commerce

Commerce has become part and parcel of our everyday life. This is why the subject can create a good topic for your dissertation. If you are searching for some offbeat dissertation topics on commerce, here are some great ideas and why they form a great topic.

  1. How to improve the low levels of customer services among businesses
  2. Poor customer service is a source of failure for many businesses. This is why it can form a good topic for your dissertation. You can choose to use a mixed method approach to carry out your research whereby you use street interview as well as face-to—face interview with the management.

  3. An Analysis of how oil companies in Iran should change their current business strategies to attract more foreign investment
  4. This is a dissertation that will enable you to analyze situation in two different countries; the oil producing country of Iran and the country where the foreign direct investment is being sought. You can find a lot of literature on this topic and this is why it makes a good subject for your dissertation.

  5. An analysis of the current ecommerce situation in Iraq and how its usage can be facilitated further
  6. Throughout the world, ecommerce has become a common tool of trade. It helps businesses to lower their costs and attain greater efficiencies. However, there are still huge swathes of the population in Iraq that are yet to access ecommerce. The goal of your dissertation should be to explore the current infrastructure and evaluate how these can be used better. Other topics that you can use for your dissertation on commerce include:

  7. How the implementation of great internalized knowledge management by Nissan has been
  8. derived from an academic interpretation of the SECI models
  9. Consumer expectations. John Lewis partnership analysis
  10. The position of ecommerce in Africa and how this can be enhanced further
  11. A market analysis of Wal-Mart
  12. An analysis of Business opportunities that are available in African for American companies
  13. Analysis of opportunities offered by the state of Qatar to businesses from other parts of the world
  14. Corporate social responsibilities: An analysis of how sustainable it is
  15. Employment engagement and organizational performance: A review
  16. How social networks have influenced e-commerce with a special reference to demand pattern and consumer buying.

With these topics, you will have a top dissertation topic on ecommerce