12 Most Popular Dissertation Topics Related To Public Administration

There is a long list of different topics that you can cover in your dissertation on public administration, so you won’t have a problem finding a topic but your want to find a good topic. And this list will help show your some of the great topics that you can cover in your paper.

12 Most Popular Topics on Public Administration

  1. When it comes to the race of a police officer, does that matter? And if so how do the interactions of a certain race of officer affect the citizens and police procedures.
  2. How does community-based organizations that help with development in the community change the way that it looks and feels to outsiders?
  3. Analysis substance abuse and mental health treatment centers in the area and see if their model is working to help people or are they turning away more people than helping?
  4. Which kind of community participation is more effective, mission or leader driven?
  5. How is the influence of organizations or individuals affected by ethical climate?
  6. How does transaction and governance costs factor into the cost accounting in United States cities with accounting use and development?
  7. Is there a way to have sustainable public administration that would give intergenerational fairness to all?
  8. Pick a country and study their administrative morality.
  9. How do the immigrants get the help they need in the United States? What laws are in place to help or hurt them?
  10. Pick a place in the US or overseas that has an income tax and study on whether or not they have a successful collection and enforcement of it.
  11. How does a union of employees affect the way the act compared to other lines of work where there is no union?
  12. How has performance budgeting changed the way that public organizations are run? This includes places like public schools. Is this kind of budgeting hurting or helping the people that are desperate need of this money for their organization?

This list of public administration topics should give you a great start to writing your dissertation. You want to find a topic that you find interesting to write about because that will make writing the paper easier and you will have more fun writing it. And make sure you get your topic approved before you start, you don’t want to do a ton of work and find out your can’t do that topic.