23 Unique International Relations Master's Dissertation Topics

Master’s dissertation has to be furnished with insight and precision. Your authority on the subject should come out as a given, whether you choose psychology or international relations. You need to gather thick academic foliage from the garden.

Gravitational and relevant

You need to compile and conjure a set of theses; all gravitational and relevant. You should then pass them through checks; assessing their time-tested resilience. Only then will your paper be functional, effective and compact.

The subjective agency

You should delve into the purposeful agency of your subject and how it deviates into varied spheres. It is necessary to presuppose the eventualities; this makes you better-positioned to methodize, analyze and conclude.

Proper understanding

You need to assert on each point with foresight, torque and proper understanding. It is necessary to be flexible and not stagnate with held beliefs. Meanwhile, here are 23 intrusive Master’s dissertation topics on International relations for your convenience –

  1. Explain the role of Khrushchev in aggravating the Cold War
  2. Compare the Indian democracy with the German one
  3. Explain the impact of USA’s often arbitrary usage of other countries’ territorial waters for a war on a different country
  4. Compare Greece’s turmoil with that of Argentina a few years ago
  5. Why has England suddenly shaped into a reactionary country; rather than an acting one?
  6. Explain the origin of angst between Ireland and England
  7. How does the Middle East crisis have an impact on developed economies?
  8. Can China’s fastidiousness eventually prove to be a damp squib for progressive plans?
  9. Is USA ethical in asking others to abide by NTBT when it holds nuclear machinery?
  10. Should African countries be allotted reservation quota owing to its backwardness?
  11. Emphasize on the dominant status of US policies
  12. Is Britain’s biggest white elephant to global countries the Union?
  13. Will unified India and Pakistan be an actual force to reckon with?
  14. Are hardliners righteous in demanding Indian Moslems to migrate to Pakistan?
  15. Is UN Human rights Commission becoming arbitrary?
  16. Should groups like G7 and G30 be abolished?
  17. Will India suffer heavily if Brazil were not on its side?
  18. How has Obama been different than George Bush Jr.
  19. Has recent British prime ministers been too submissive after the ultra-dominant Thatcher?
  20. Is the abolition of concentration camps UN’s biggest gift to the planet?
  21. Emphasize on the imminent global oil crisis
  22. Can countries actually survive in plain opposition to USA?
  23. Will some countries actually benefit from colonization?