MBA Dissertation Topics Related To Supply Chain Management

Sometimes, students are facing with lack of inspiration when it comes to writing their dissertation on topics such as supply chain management. The topic itself it is not so difficult if you do a good research and use reliable and correct sources.

However, sometimes there are situations where students are getting stuck from the beginning of their MBA thesis, and they even do not have any inspiration for topic relate to chain management. Fortunately, there are so many available topics that you can combine them and create a quality and unique MBS dissertation for supply chain management.

Just, follow some of these topics below as an inspiration to start your thesis:

  • Success factors and challenges in business to business model
  • The quality management in supply chain – advantages and disadvantages
  • What is green supply chain management and how to implement it in manufacturing industries?
  • How to detect an issue connect with supply chain management?
  • Factors that affects outsourcing decisions in FMCG industry
  • What is SCOR model and how to implement it in supply chain efficiency
  • How the informational technology can affect supply chain management?
  • Unethical situations as a reason on the stress levels of employees
  • A case study of the impact of vendor section in supply chain management
  • How can an intensive supply chain management effect on the quality performance?
  • Impact of information technology on any sector in the management
  • Practice and performance of supply chain management
  • Why is so important to coordinate the human relief supply chain?
  • Supply Chain in Multi-Domestic and Domestic Organization
  • Issues and solutions in supply chain management sector
  • How can supply chain management be improved in any country?
  • How is a customer responding to stock outs?
  • Analyzing the development of ERP software in any country
  • The logistic capability on organizational performance
  • A case studies about risks in supply chain management
  • Strategies for lead time reduction in automotive industry

This list with MBA topics relate to supply chain management can really give you a right direction to your writing content. You can choose some of these topics, or you can always search for more online or in some books, notes, and school database.

Once you understand the field of supply chain management, you will pick your best topic and start with your research. Sooner or later, you will create content about supply chain management, worth for reading.