Where To Get A Strong Sample Dissertation In Psychology

As using some information from another person’s work without citing is called plagiarism and is not treated well in most of the educational institutions, using a sample to write something as important as your dissertation may seem foolish for someone. We will show you why it actually makes sense and how to you a sample of another graduate wisely.

How do you find a good sample of a dissertation.

Since copyright protection is a serious thing in most of the universities, it may seem hard to get your hands on 200 pages of someone else’s work. However, it is not as complicate as it sounds. Here is a list of places you can check with:

  1. Your college library. All the dissertations are usually kept in the university libraries. Check with your university policies, there is a chance they will give you access to the database. Your advisor’s approval may be necessary.
  2. Other university online databases. Some of the colleges take it easy with the protection of dissertations and may even publish them online. Look for colleges that specify in Psychology or have big Psychology departments.
  3. Personal blogs and commercial websites. You have to be really careful with such websites, as you can never know for sure how legit is the work you’ve found, but there is still a high chance you find a good paper in there somewhere.

How to use a dissertation sample wisely.

For so many years in academic writing, you have probably already learned that you cannot use other person’s work as your own. However, there are many other ways to use a sample:

  • to find some good sources. A sample can point you to some interesting researches in Psychology and even show you where to find them.
  • to check the formatting. If you university demands some specific formatting, a sample from their database will help you out.

How to make sure the sample you have found is good enough.

When you found a sample, first of all, research the author. If you use your college or other college database, you’re good, as this is, most likely, a real dissertation the person graduated with. If you find it elsewhere, check if this person really existed and graduated with this topic, if the keywords correspond to those of the paper. If you can find an abstract of this paper in an official database, compare it with the paper you’ve found. Never use anonymous papers.