The 25 Best Thesis Topics For Hotel And Restaurant Management Students

The job market for hotel and restaurant positions is booming. You could work on a cruise ship, at a resort, or for a travel agency. Getting your thesis will help you to move into a top-notch position with ease. But first you have to pick a good topic. As you think about your subject, use our list of 25 best thesis topics for hotel and restaurant management students.

25 Best Topics

  1. Destination weddings-the positives and the negatives
  2. Travel into hostile countries-define a hostile country
  3. The threat of terrorism at popular resorts-name some recent incidents
  4. Is time share recovering form its recent slump-the market is growing yet again
  5. The benefits of buying time share-the concept is yet on the rise again
  6. Making our world smaller through travel-how travel has changed the world
  7. The best travel entrepreneurs and why-who has the pulse on the market and who is considered a legend in the field
  8. The American dollar and what it gets you around the world-comparative studies
  9. Adult resorts and their recent market decline-why are the resorts declining?
  10. The lure of Las Vegas-how it is changed, the amount of people who travel there, and how it maintains relevancy
  11. France and its unfriendly nature-fact or fiction
  12. Theme packs-the newest as well as the oldest
  13. Hidden gems in travel industry-this topic can be quite fun for hotel and management students
  14. The growth in River Cruises-this idea is one of the newest of the 25 thesis choices, as the market has simply exploded
  15. Travel to space-will it ever happen for vacation purposes
  16. The airlines-the decline in services
  17. Affordable travel-does it exist
  18. Inclusive hotels-why and the benefits
  19. The wonders of the world-put them on your bucket list
  20. The future for hotels and motels-what is on the horizon
  21. Positions in hotels-the various roles in the industry
  22. The world of party planners-this is also a new one on the list
  23. The end-what travel and hotel traditions are on the way out and why
  24. Travel and sports packages-this trending development
  25. The rain and how the dinner and mystery murder train is making a comeback

When searching for your hotel and restaurant management thesis topic, use our list of 25 best topics for help.