Writing A Good Dissertation Proposal About Natural Resources

A dissertation proposal is a short paper that explains what your project will be in general. Usually, it has no more than one thousand words. However, the requirements of your particular university might be different. In any case, if you want to write a good proposal for your paper on natural resources, it’s advisable to learn and follow the tips given in the body of this article.

The Essentials of a Good Dissertation Proposal

  1. The title.
  2. This shouldn’t necessarily be your final title, of course, but try to make it clear and to the point nevertheless.

  3. General objectives.
  4. You should have no more than three overall goals of your research. If there are more, you should narrow down your area of interest.

  5. The background.
  6. Provide your committee members with information about the major schools of thought that are going to help you in your study.

  7. Research details.
  8. List the exact questions that you will answer in your paper. Outline your area of research clearly.

  9. Methods.
  10. Indicate whether your study will be empirical or non-empirical and describe the methodology that you’ve chosen to achieve your goals.

  11. Potential results.
  12. Write about what you expect from your research and who will benefit from the outcomes of your work.

  13. Timeline.
  14. Explain how you’ll distribute your time to complete your project within the timeframe given by your university.

  15. Sources.
  16. Provide an approximate list of sources that you’re going to use in your study. Your final bibliography should include the majority of these sources too.

Getting Help with Creating Your Dissertation

Not all students can complete their academic papers successfully without help. If you want assistance or advice, there are many sources that you can approach. Your professor, for example, can help you free of charge. They may help you select a great topic for your project, tell about theoretical sources that you should use, and provide you with advice during any step of your work.

There are also sources that can lend you a hand in exchange for payment. Academic centers and tutors can improve your writing skills and teach you how to conduct your research and structure your paper. Academic writers and companies render a different type of services. They can compose an original dissertation based on your requirements. This option can come in handy if you don’t have a lot of time and cannot give your project enough attention. A paper composed by a professional is likely to increase your chance of earning the highest score.