Selecting Strong Dissertation Topics On Banking: Helpful Guidelines 

A dissertation is an extensive academic project where you should do your independent research, get some results, and professionally analyze them. It takes much time and effort to work on this paper, therefore, you should choose a good topic for it. How can you define that the topic is good? It is not so difficult. The most important determinant is your interest in the subject. If you are passionate about what you do, the chances of losing interest on the late stages of work are minimal. It is also desirable that the topic be original, relevant, and useful for your professional career.

Banking is a very broad subject. It embraces a huge organized financial system, and lots of interesting issues in it will perfectly fit your needs. Use the following guidelines to select the best topic for your doctoral project on banking out a vast variety of suitable ideas:

  • Check if the topic is of current interest.
  • The banking industry is closely connected with the modern political, social, and cultural situation of a country. If current affairs are taken into consideration in your topic idea, it will be a success.

  • Check if the topic has a historical background.
  • History has a tendency to repeat itself. If you know the historical evolution of the issue, you can predict its further development. Therefore, pick the topic with the strong historical background.

  • Check if the topic is simple.
  • It will be easier to work on a simple topic. Moreover, your research project on a simple topic may become useful and understandable for ordinary people. Answer the basic questions of reality in your paper, and your work will be highly appreciated.

  • Ask your advisor for help.
  • If you still cannot decide which topic is the best one, consult with your advisor. Your professor knows the subject well and may prompt a completely fresh and unique idea for your research.

Here is a list of strong dissertation topics on banking that may come in handy:

  • Most volatile stocks to avoid in the coming year.
  • Will yen become the next currency of the world?
  • How can the banking security system be improved?
  • Terms and conditions of a contract with a bank. What nuances should be considered by a client?
  • Risk factors of using a credit card.
  • Bank loans: what should you be careful of?
  • Retail banking is in need of reformation. Why?
  • Current situation in the system of asset-liability management.
  • Credit flow for agricultural development: how do commercial and retail banks act?
  • Internet banking: analyzing the best strategies to attract new customers.