12 Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Theology

Writing a dissertation in theology is tough especially if you do not have a good topic to begin with. There are so many possibilities when it comes to theology that often a student can get confused and overwhelmed about which one will be best for them. While selecting a topic go for the ones which are a bit unexplored by other researchers but have enough research materials to see you through.

Here are 12 such examples of theology topics:

  1. A paper on the difference between theology as the absolute truth and how it is taken as a testimony that changes with time and location of the practitioner.
  2. The Wesleyan and Armenian spiritual views makes up for an interesting read. You can work on those and explore an angel that has not been worked on, like the classical Calvinism and its contrasts.
  3. How the holy text proves the immutably of God and savior can make for an interesting explanation. You can work with reference to some of the old and new holy texts like the Bible or Malachi.
  4. The truth about rapture and how it is impossible or possible.
  5. The differences between the Old Testament and the new are not much but can be written on. You will have to make a thorough study of both the texts before you proceed and at least the major differences.
  6. The second coming of Christ.
  7. The Old Testament has the concept that the son was there before, at least more than once. You can compare the biblical witness with the historical facts.
  8. The roots of the bible make for an interesting modern debate. You can write on any of the views or the mix of both. Give some of the supporting arguments and also the counter arguments.
  9. A study on the traditional Christian practices and how they have evolved over time. You can also work on the structure of the largest faith and how the God is worshiped.
  10. The works of the devil and how mankind is falling to natural evil can be your topic. It will require some explanation on the problems human faces when it comes to the temptation of evil and how they fare.
  11. The various ideas of rapture and Armageddon in various scriptures and how many of the popular theological ideas are shaped around it.
  12. The millennial reign of Christ.