Composing Dissertation Titles On Information Technology

If you are tasked with creating your dissertation one of the most challenging aspects associated with the project relates directly to picking your title. The title is the first opportunity that you have to inform your reader about the purpose of your final piece. You should use just a few words in order to highlight the overall purpose of your study. You can highlight attributes related to your study such as the context of it, the outcomes you had or the more important aspects related to the research strategy that you adopted. Of course a title which is poorly constructed will be misleading to your reader and my cousin to think that your study is actually about something that it's not. The last thing you want us for your reader to be confused.

  • The main components your title should include the focus of the research and the area of interest. All of your titles need to include the purpose. When you try and consider how best to explain your purpose within the confines of the name of your final piece it might help for you to consider the area of interest and the focus of the research conducted.

  • Your particular area of interest is the broad topic that you addressed with your final piece but the focus is the aspect of that topic or the angle of the topic that you targeted. In some cases the area of interest is a single theory which serves for the foundation of your research. Sometimes the area of interest that you cover is so narrow that you don't have to distinguish between the different focuses with in that final piece.

  • But in other situations you might feel that the area of interest and your focus are not necessarily the most important attributes of your final research. Because you are stuck with a word count limit there might be something else that you want to emphasize, such as some aspect of a research strategy that you used. You might also want to highlight the unique characteristics associated with your final piece in this area.

  • Some students prefer to emphasize the more practical components such as their results especially if the final piece is empirically driven or theoretically driven. You can focus on the area of interest or the problems associated with your area of interest for a potential name as well.