MBA Dissertation Writing Tips: How To Compose A Brilliant Introduction

One of the most important parts of an MBA dissertation is the introduction. This portion of the research paper is intended to draw the reader into the topic and get their interest. Without a good introduction, the student will automatically be marked down by the academic committee that reviews their dissertation.

What to Include

Before writing an introduction, students should ask their professors what they should include. Typically, students need to write out their thesis statement and their research methods. They may need to discuss any problems with their research or any unusual conclusions that they reached. Additionally, students should discuss the current state of the field. They should cover any of the problems with the current research and how their writing adds to the current body of knowledge.

Write a Killer Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the main focus of the introduction. In just one or two sentences, students have to sum up the entire reason why they are writing a dissertation. The thesis statement is intended to make an argument, so it cannot just restate facts that the student discovered.

Often, the thesis statement will change as the student writes their paper. Once the student has finished their project, they need to go back and read through their introduction. If the introduction no longer matches up with the essay, the student needs to change it so that it suits their actual research.

Ask for Help

No one is perfect, and few people can spot all of their own errors. Instead of just hoping that the introduction is well-written, students should get help. A campus writing or tutoring center is a free source of advice and editing help. Students can also ask their academic adviser to go through the introduction and write down any issues. If these options are not available, students can always hire an editor online. There are many freelance editors available who are experienced in dissertation writing, and these editors can offer invaluable advice.

Read Examples

When all else fails, students should look through example introductions. Every dissertation includes an introduction, so students can easily look up the right way to do their introduction. College libraries will normally have dissertations for previous years, so students can use this resource for free examples. In addition, many essay writing websites and university homepages actually include examples. If there are not examples in the library, students can always use an online resource.