25 Examples Of Up-To-Date Genetics Dissertation Topics

Genetics is a broad topic and includes the study of genetics in humans, animals, plants, in fact, all living things. Some of the more recent studies in genetics have raised some ethical issues. These can make for interesting dissertation topics. Here are 25 suggestions for genetics topics you may want to write about:

  1. What is stem cell research and what are the benefits and risks of stem cell therapy?
  2. Stem cell research using human embryos – the ethical issues around this topic
  3. Cloning to make stem cells – ethical issues, advantages and disadvantages
  4. Cloning animals used in medical research – how this can save researchers’ time
  5. Cloning your deceased pet – (look up “CC” the cat) – will it look exactly the same?
  6. Cloning farm animals for breeding stock
  7. Cloning humans – science fiction or a real possibility?
  8. Telomeres and cancer – telomere dysfunction in tumor development
  9. Telomeres and ageing – foods and nutrients that promote telomere length and affect longevity
  10. The four types of DNA – Y-Line DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, Autosomal DNA, the X chromosome
  11. Mitochondrial DNA – how mothers can pass this DNA to their children, but fathers cannot
  12. What happens when there are too few or too many chromosomes?
  13. Addictions and the brain – chemical responses to drugs and other substances
  14. Using slow delivery of a drug to reduce withdrawal symptoms
  15. Genes and addictions – can people be born addicts?
  16. Does addiction run in families?
  17. The adolescent brain – how taking drugs during this risk taking period of development could lead to lifetime addiction
  18. The medical marijuana debate
  19. The benefits and risks of Ritalin use – effects on the brain
  20. Is Ritalin addictive?
  21. Astrobiology
  22. Can other planets be inhabitable and what does a planet need to be inhabitable?
  23. Pharmacogenomics – developing customized medical treatments to suit individual genetic signatures.
  24. Epigenetics – chemical reactions within an organism
  25. The role of nutrition in altering gene expression

These are just some of the topics that you could write your genetics dissertation on. Genetic researchers and scientists continue to make new discoveries that help us to understand the genetics of living organisms, as well as ways to improve the quality of life, treat diseases, and understand the world around us.