List Of 15 Interesting Dissertation Topics About The United Kingdom

If you were to ask a hundred people to define the United Kingdom, only about half of the people would five you the correct response. The actual and accurate name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The nation consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and six counties of Ireland (Northern Ireland).

If you are studying European History, you may want to consider the topic for your dissertation. You will need to narrow it down, as it is too broad. Use our list of 15 interesting UK topics for your dissertation subject ideas.

15 Interesting Ideas

  1. The History in an Area-the nation is huge and over 30,000 years old. You may want to considerably narrow down this topic. Such narrowing may result in William Wallace and the Kings he tormented or the King known as long Shanks. You will have to get specific.
  2. Ireland-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Look at something like Bloody Sunday from a different perspective such as the wives of the men involved. Take an old topic and put a spin on it.
  3. The Tragedy of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters-start with Alexandria of Russia and explore ach one of these tragic figures.
  4. The Tinkers of Ireland-take a closer look at these gypsies and their life.
  5. The various religions of the nation-look at the changes since Henry and the Church of England and then modern days religions in the region such as Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism.
  6. Prince Henry-how he and his mother changed the public’s opinion on the monarchy.
  7. Pick a king or a queen and explore them and his or her reign.
  8. Who killed the prince sin the tower or were they really killed-join the millions who have explored the death of the sons of Edward.
  9. The Bloody History of the Tower of London-look at those who have lived and died in the tower.
  10. The Clans and plaids of Scotland would be a great subject to explore.
  11. Elizabeth Woodville and the wooing of a king.
  12. Elizabeth I-was she really the virgin queen?
  13. The Castles of the Mighty-look at some of the castles of the rich and the rumors and realities behind them.
  14. Wales and Coal Miners’ Tragedies-look at Senghenydd, Aberfan, or any of the other mining tragedies.
  15. America and England, a love story of Kit Kennedy Cavendish.