List Of 10 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics About Film Editing

Studying film editing and having hands-on experience is one thing, and writing an essay on the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of film editing is another. If you are going to write a dissertation film editing, you need to choose a less discussed or less explored topic and conduct in-depth research so that your examiners or mentors can get a fair idea of your film editing skills and theoretical knowledge. Here is a list of top up-to-date thesis topics on film editing.

  1. Continuity editing and the narrative progression: how not to break the linear narrative format
  2. The editing styles of Satyajit Ray and martin Scorsese: Similarities and differences
  3. Film editing style in the movie ‘Psycho’ and how it has inspired the contemporary directors
  4. Importance of auditory elements from a film editor’s point of view
  5. Editing biographical and historical films: the challenges and limitations
  6. Use of optical while editing under the sun
  7. Parallel editing and its use in contemporary films
  8. Editing style of Akira Kurosawa: editing dream sequences
  9. Use of latest film techniques in editing
  10. Film editing in documentary films: How is it different from feature film editing?

It is true that for writing a good essay on film editing, you need to read a lot on editing. Not just theories, but you should read interviews of top film directors and editors. Besides, watching good films also help in a great way to learn film editing. The process is like this. You need to first read the theories. After that, watch the movies suggested by your mentor. Collect interviews of the directors and editors of these movies and see how they have discussed editing parts of these movies. This way, you can easily understand how applications of editing techniques widely vary from the theories and also how editing theories serve as the cornerstone of every editing project.

If you are in doubt, you can go straight up to your mentor and ask how exactly different editing techniques work in real life. Apart from that, feel free to study and life and works of legendary directors, cinematographers and editors. It is also important to understand the editing styles of different great film editors. If you are not sure which topic you should start with, you should get in touch with some freelancer or academic writing agency that has prior experience in writing dissertations on film editing and many other topics.