The 17 Best Dissertation Topics On The Law In India

As you may be aware, the legislation changes from different regions and it may be enforced in different ways. For example, the laws in the U.K. may not be the same as the laws in the U.S., so an action that is deemed as legal in the U.K. may be deemed as illegal in the U.S. In essence, it really is a complicated topic. If you are doing a dissertation on laws in India, here are some topics for you to think on and perhaps even attempt to explore it.

  1. Laws in India
  2. Focus on a case study
  3. Compare and contrast India laws with other countries
  4. Civil cases in India
  5. Criminal cases in India: An in depth analysis
  6. Equal rights in India: Is it an issue?
  7. The influence of British rule and the current law in India
  8. The Indian law and the effect its religion has on it
  9. History of Indian Law
  10. The Evolution of law in India and the effects of it
  11. An exploratory study of Indian law implemented in the country
  12. Corruption: How has the rule of law been affected
  13. The future of Indian legislation
  14. How the process of lawmaking be improved in India?
  15. The relationship between the legislation and crimes in the region
  16. Law enforcers and its effectiveness
  17. Working for a better future: Improvements in legislation process in India

The above topics are for your reference and it is recommended that you should have a look at them while you can. Of course, you may be required to choose your dissertation topic in the final stages of your second year in your undergraduate degree. If you can, you should do a bit more background research first, before you make any decisions. It is rather important for you to understand and enjoy the topic first, as that would seriously affect your final dissertation grades. If possible, you can also seek your lecturer for advices and see what can be done. However, since the topic of laws and legislation is complicated, it is necessary that you understand the procedures!