How To Select A Good Finance Dissertation Topic: 25 Examples

The field of finance is very broad. Most everything people do has some financial aspect to it. As you have studied in this field, you probably have found an area, which interests you more than others. You will want to look at all the pieces and possibilities of that area when you do get ready to select your dissertation topic.

Remember, your good topic must be approved, so once you have it, you need to do two very important tasks. You need to search it online to make sure that a million other people have not written on the same subject. Then you want to meet with your faculty dissertation advisor and get his or her approval.

As you seek to find and select that perfect title, look at our 25 examples for a good finance dissertation topic.

25 Examples

  1. Who is financing the group ISIS and how

  2. Where have all the robber barons gone

  3. The genius pool of Southern California

  4. Why we pay professional athletes millions of dollars to play

  5. Are private schools a good move for your finances

  6. Should we have free college for everyone

  7. How much is too much to spend for a presidential campaign

  8. Why Greece is not getting any help

  9. The best place in the United States to retire

  10. The cost of the military

  11. Who is obligated to support professional athletes who suffer from severe and debilitating concussions

  12. The Olympics and Russian bribery( who paid to build and run the event)

  13. Is Hamilton still relative in 2015

  14. Medical insurance and why it should be deemed illegal

  15. Is Obama Care working

  16. How eating healthy costs more than eating poorly

  17. The world of high couture and its costs

  18. The resurgence of the small town business man

  19. Student loans and getting creative with the pay back

  20. Schools who cant afford the students

  21. How big business is trying to run education

  22. The finances of poor Hillary Clinton (her multi-million dollar empire and how the Clintons earned it)

  23. The men and women who drive online funding pages

  24. How to pay for your wedding while keeping the entire expense less than 500.00

  25. The cost of modern day art and what drives the prices (compared to art from the classics)