Russian History Dissertation Writing Ideas: 15 Controversial Topic Suggestions

Russian history is rife with cultural experiences as well as large scale conflicts, persecutions, hostile take overs and negotiations. There are many angles and events that one could choose to focus on in the history of this great nation. As a military force, Russia has been ever present in world events and continues to do so today.

When selecting a topic for research, one must ensure that the titles are practical and interesting, no one wants to read an entire paper about a completely uninteresting topic nor is it possible to conduct research on a subject that possesses no material to work with. Broaden your search, remember, you can always visit another website if you wish for more information and ideas.

The following is a list of interesting topic ideas to consider when searching for a dissertation title to write on:

  1. What is so remarkable about Russian leaders that inspires so much awe and admiration in many western citizens?
  2. How has Russian history been influential in its current political practices and structure?
  3. Has Russian influence on world policies been significant during its existence since the fall of the Soviet Union?
  4. Are there any historical reasons why Russian social interaction may be considered different from that of the rest of the world?
  5. What is the reason for the cause of so many social uprisings throughout Russia’s history?
  6. What was Russia main obstacles in its quest for industrialization and why did these things pose such a threat despite Russia’s many advantages?
  7. How did revolutionary action affect the working habits of industrial workers in the early 1900’s?
  8. What are the origins of the social classes in Russia and how were they different a century ago compared to what exists today?
  9. How did the occurrence of the cold war change Russia’s global status as a world power?
  10. What was the cause of the break up of the soviet union?
  11. How did the Eastern Slavs contribute to the formation of what is now known as Russia?
  12. What roles did the former empires of Russia play its identity as a nation today?
  13. What reasons can be attributed to the customary war like culture of Russian leaders?
  14. How was Christianity incorporated into Russian culture?
  15. Did the Mongol invasion of Russia’s early states have any effect on the soviet union as a super power ?