Offbeat Dissertation Ideas On Fashion: 20 Great Suggestions

When it comes to writing a dissertation about fashion, there is a good chance that you will want to be original and unique. Of course, many areas of fashion will have been discussed in a wide range of detail and, therefore, in order to help you create a unique and interesting piece of work, it can be a good idea to try and think of various offbeat ideas to use for your essay.

Of course, it can be useful to use inspiration from ideas that other people have used, likewise, you might find the following suggestions to be of use when it comes to thinking of a title for your own work.

  1. Discuss the use of recyclable materials when used in conjunction with fashionable clothing
  2. Has fashion become more unisex in the 21st century in comparison with the previous century?
  3. Will everybody wear makeup in the future?
  4. Discuss the way in which technology is being incorporated into fashion in the 21st century
  5. Is it justifiable to vastly increase the cost of clothing simply because it features a logo of a prominent fashion house or designer?
  6. How will present a fashion styles be perceived in 20 years’ time?
  7. Is fashion important?
  8. Should employers judge potential employees, based upon the fashion choice for style that is portrayed during the interview or any other early stages of the hiring process?
  9. What can we learn about people based on their fashion choices?
  10. How fresh and unique our modern-day fashion concepts, and how much do modern-day designers rely on past concepts?
  11. Do you need to be trained in order to understand fashion and how to design good clothing, or are people more likely to succeed as a result of natural talent?
  12. What impact and influence do celebrities have on modern-day fashion trends and styles?
  13. Do fashion designers have a duty to promote morally acceptable lifestyles?
  14. Analyze and discuss the use of music in fashion?
  15. Why do so many pop stars, actors and other related celebrities develop future careers as fashion designers?
  16. Do supermodels still exist in the present day in comparison to the way they were perceived 20 years ago?
  17. How has the Internet changed the way in which we view fashion?
  18. Has it become cheaper to become more fashionable?
  19. What influence do youth subcultures have on modern-day fashion trends?
  20. Can politicians ever be fashionable?