A List Of Good Educational Psychology Thesis Topic Ideas

There are plenty of interesting educational psychology thesis topics for you to choose from. The most important considerations you should take into account when making this decision are:

  • The educational value of the subject.
  • Every thesis must either fill in an existing blank in the knowledge of the subject or introduce a new interesting idea. In short, your paper must teach something important. Luckily for you, there is plenty of room for developing new ideas and improving the existing ones in the field of educational psychology.

  • Your personal interest in the subject.
  • As a thesis is a huge paper that will require a great deal of work, you need to enjoy writing it. You should always choose something that you are truly passionate about to focus your research on.

  • Your prospects of employment.
  • The vast majority of your prospective employers won’t read anything but the title of your thesis from your CV. You should do some research into the institutions you want to work for in the future and choose a topic that will be relevant for their business and increase your chances of employment.

Here are some prompts you can use if you can’t come up with an interesting thesis topic on your own:

  1. Possible integration of hard of hearing children into a normal class.
  2. What are the difficulties that a teacher faces in this situation? How will children react to this environment?

  3. Study of different educational methods.
  4. Look into some of the most popular educational methods used today and offer a detailed analysis of the one you choose to focus on. Is this method as efficient today as it used to be when it was invented? How can it be improved?

  5. How to get a prodigy through school.
  6. What concessions should teachers make towards geniuses in their class? How can a teacher help a child like this adapt to the environment and integrate into society?

  7. Homeschooling and social awkwardness.
  8. Is it possible for children who are homeschooled to normally interact with their peers? How does homeschooling affect a child’s psychological development?

  9. Learning around the world.
  10. Study various approaches to education in different countries. Which is the best for children’s emotional development?

  11. Teaching calculus to children with disabilities.
  12. What are the most efficient approaches? What should be avoided?

  13. Comprehension of reading material in class.
  14. Is it possible to prevent students’ attention from wandering?

  15. Personal space on campus.
  16. How does living in a community affect students’ psychological state?

  17. Teaching children who are recovering from abuse.
  18. What are the emotional challenges faced by these students? How can a teacher create a positive study environment for them?

  19. Direct instruction vs. creativity.
  20. What results can be achieved with these different approaches to learning?